July 5, 2008

How Linux Greatly Changed my Life

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In the Beginning

First i missed my one year anniversary on Ubuntu which was on july 5th 2008 ..its funny how i came to start using Linux .. cus my journey started in a flame war btw me and some “Linux Geeks” in the biggest online forum for Nigerians…262#msg1188262 ( i was such a witch back then ) i was supporting windows vista .. u know i have never used anything other than windows so i tot it was the best that computer can be .one thing that touched me was the continuous use of .. “open source” , “free”,(not the price free) and “community” by the linux guys .. this concept were alien to me but they sounded good and i have always wanted an OS where the community matters .. i didnt get that with windows and i thought that was how god made things to be .. so i MP one of the Linux guys apologized for being a jerk .. and asked him how i could install Linux .. if it had a GUI, if i could play music and use it like a general average user uses is computer without running geeky commands .. and he said yes and recommended i try Ubuntu .. so my journey began .. but it wasn’t an easy one .. i had to download the Ubuntu DVD.. (yeah i know i could have gone for the cd version but i wanted something big that wont require me to use the net too often) anyway it took me a week to download the 4gb dvd on my 10kbs modem.. b4 then i searched the web like i have never done before .. from blog to blog looking for how to dual boot and use Ubuntu .. i met many pple who told me that it was save and it wont kidnap me or my family. so

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