August 31, 2008

Linux is taking over – in my work place

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We run ubuntu servers and all our computer labs run ubuntu. We do this not because the school management liked free as speech, but because its free as air. I am the IT guy and part of my job is to migrate of school computers to Ubuntu (including staffs computers given to them by the school). All our staffs run vista on their work laptops. I tried telling them about Linux but all i got was the middle finger (well more or less) . I could have forced them but that would make me a bad guy. So i waited knowing windows vista would do the dirty job for me eventually. (more…)

August 24, 2008

Speed up Amarok with Postgres

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Amarok is argueably the best music player in the world. (ok that is my Opinion) But its really that good and i have yet to come across any music player that comes close .with  Wikipedia lookup and lyrics download  Magnatune integration, allowing no-cost full listening of all the music in their catalog, and DRM-free purchasing. sync  with any music player like your ipod or iphone . You can read more about amarok here

August 17, 2008

Ubuntu on Sony Vaio Fz21e

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Sony Vaio make the most beautiful non apple notebooks (in my opinion) unfortunately its laptops are also very linux unfriendly. Last year while shoping for a new laptop i wanted something stylish and at the same time built with open hardware and works with Linux, hence i avoided anything that had broadcom or atheros wireless drivers, and ATI Graphic Drivers since they are notorious for their freedom hating attitude towards Linux (they don’t usually work out of the box ). so when i saw a sony vaio that has an intel wireless card, ( intel wireless cards are very well supported in LInux),NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT (Nvidia graphic cards although closed sourced are generally well supported in Linux ).  Nothing felt better than a shinny new laptop to run Linux and make my window friends drool at the stability and beauty it brings to my desktop experience . So i shelled out 145,000 Naira ( about $1,200) to get my shinny new laptop so that we could leave happily ever after .. right ?  … Wrong. Turns out that i would have to do some extra stuffs  to get my brand new Sony Vaio to play well with Linux .

August 2, 2008

Pimp Up Your Ubuntu

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I was going to write a guide on how you can pimp up your ubuntu to give it blings and make it look sexy. then i can across a well written detailed guide on one .hence in other not to reinvent the wheel i decided to just post the linky to it


Mints of Ubuntu

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I was giving a new laptop at work some weeks back so i decided to try another Linux distro on it .i use Ubuntu hardy heron on my home computer so i wanted something different on the work computer. my choice wasn’t too difficult because i have been hearing a lot of cool things about some Mint Linux which was suppose to be based on Ubuntu but comes preinstalled with a lot of things i user would have to install by hand on Ubuntu . so i stayed at office late into the night . went to downloaded it and installed it on my work laptop. It was to be the best decision i have ever made since switching to Linux . Some have called it Ubuntu made right. and its not had to see why,must of the things that i have personally wanted to have on Ubuntu out of the box came out of the box with MInt. Multimedia Codecs,Thunderbird mail clients,and a cool mint menu which some  legend says vista ripped off Mint . other cool things about mint is its simplicity for example i love the fact that you could uninstall a program just by right clicking it on the menu and choose uninstall . ndiswrapper is installed by default for those whose wireless card depend on it to work . that is one less thing to worry about.

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