September 20, 2008

Give me Freedom …To trust a Nigerian

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After getting tired of the cat and mouse game i had to go through to get my ipod touch to play well with my Ubuntu .. i finally gave up sold it and ordered the Nokia N810. The iTouch by its self is a cool device. I had no problem with it. But I run basically A free Operating system which the iTouch was not build to support. Although I could get it to sync with Amarok and Gtkpod with the help of jailbreak and some special hacks it wasn’t ideal and I would have to be within a wireless network for the hack to work. Add that to the guilty conscience that comes with using the most proprietary device ever made by man. i never had this feeling of community and ownership I get with my Ubuntu box. And although I could use it relatively without the risk of been locked in a proprietary system like Mac or Windows. i was not completely free because if my iTouch firmware got corrupted then I would need to reload using iTunes running on Windows or Mac.

Selling the ipod proofed to be the easy part . I posted the specs in Nairaland (a large on-line communities of Nigerians) and got a buyer in no time . However getting a replacement for it wasn’t so easy. (more…)

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