December 22, 2008

How to setup Starcomms Izap on Ubuntu

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Two days from now i should be  in Lagos. and with no Internet plan at home, my best bet is to buy a 3G express card which would allow me to be connected during the festive period. I settled for the starcomms 3G service which is called Izap. and hope to pick up their Merlin X720 3G ExpressCard . I friend of mine confirms that it does work fine on Ubuntu. we were able to get it working on his ubuntu laptop by following this guide. (more…)


December 21, 2008

My Boring Boring Sysadmin Job .. so i got a Puppy

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Ok i have a good Job .. at least in a country we job is scares .. having a job that house you and feeds you free of charge, while at the same time paying you for something you already enjoy doing and would do for free anyway (thank God my Boss doesn’t read blogs) isn’t such a bad thing right? so i shouldn’t even rant right? …. well its not that quite easy .. look am far from home (no where can ever be like Lagos) which means am far from my friends and geek squads (more…)

December 18, 2008

How to share your Internet connection on Ubuntu

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For many moons ever since i started using Linux i have always wanted an easy way to share my internet connections between two computers. anyway i finally found a way to get it to work. Now i can share internet connection between my work laptop and my personally laptop.

Please while it might be possible on some other laptops. my laptop came with the PRO/Wireless 3945ABG and its impossible to share my internet over wireless because the current driver for my device doesnt support master mode which is what is needed for this to be possible. But with this guide it would be possible to share intenet via Lan. so if you get your intenet connection over wlan or a 3g modem or anything modem. it would be possible to share that same internet over Lan. Note if you got your wifi to work through ndiswrapper then we are also in the same shoes and sharing via wifi wont work. Infact this post is not about sharing your internet via wifi period.

December 17, 2008

Multimedia Codecs and Tools for Ubuntu

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Multimedia On Ubuntu

Ubuntu is very rich when it comes to playing multimedia formats like videos, music, photo editing, video editing etc . The default music player for Ubuntu is Rhythmbox music player for playing Videos the default is Movie Player .. But You would find some other cool Multimedia programs like Banshee,Amarok,VLC etc.

Multimedia Codecs

But before i start introducing some of the cool multimedia tools available for the Ubuntu Linux Desktop lets start by first installing important codecs that would make it possible to play many of the popular Multimedia formats on our ubuntu Linux box. ( Ubuntu Ships with only free and open source software. hence some popular formats like mp3,avi,mp4 wont work out of the box. because their are not free and open source format. but you are allowed to  install the codecs to play these extra formats.)

December 7, 2008

New Look for My Blog

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Decided to give my blog a new look. since its mostly a guide oriented blog i wanted something easy on the eyes and that would not make my post crammed. i hope its cool i would appreciate feedbacks

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