September 14, 2009

Encode and sync music to your portable music player in linux

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Ok so today turned out to be a not so good day for me, and like all not so good days I try do something which would distract me, something i love doing. Hence this post. Nope I don’t want to talk about it.

So some months ago I got me an E71 Nokia phone, among other things I was hoping to use it as a music device so I slammed in an 8gb memory card, and was all set but for one factor: 60% of my music collection are in ogg format and nokia default music player does recognize ogg. Sure there are some 3rd party music apps for E71 which can play ogg files out of the box but they all lack the kind of integration which you get with the Nokia default music player. While in confused mode I decided to call up a friend nucco and he gave me the tip about .is_audio_player.

September 7, 2009

New Blog look

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So I decided to give my blog a new look. The last theme i used is cool, really cool and fitted well with my style. However it had some limitation, the sidebar widget was at the bottom (which defeats the purpose of a sidebar really) and some readers have complained having to scroll all the way down to get to my sidebar.

This new theme is not as cool but at least it gives me a proper sidebar and also width for my guides so its not quash down. eventually i hope to host my blog on my server and i have already started working on that. for now i would appreciate feed back on what you guys feel about this new look.

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This weekend its Football not Free Software

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Beside computers and free and open source software, and music and watching classic movies, my first ever passion in life was football. Fell in love when the Nigerian Youth team played in Saudi Arabia. I still remember the game tagged the miracle of Dar-man when we were down to the then USSR by 4-0 and with 20 min to go we equalized and went on to win the game on penalties. Ever since i have been a loyal supporter of the Nigerian National team through thick and thing.

This weekend we had a crucial world cup qualifier game against Tunisia it is a must win game for us. If we lose or draw then our qualification to the world cup would have left our hands and would depend on Tunisia (who currently top our group) losing . I decided to do something i have never done before. (more…)

September 6, 2009

The Ultimate Blogging Client for Linux

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How it all started

Ever since i started a blog i had always wanted a wanted a application which would allow me do my blogging (preferably offline ) without having to use the web browser. One of the reasons for this was because i (as at then) did not have a stable Internet connection and had to go to Internet cafe to do my blogging which wasn’t really convenient. I wanted a way to do my blogging offline and then upload later. Even when i had a stable Internet connection i still prefer to having to use a browser for blogging. Unfortunately for me most of the blogging applications ( Drivel BloGTK KBlogger gnome-blog) i tried on Linux just didn’t cut it, some didn’t work with wordpress and the once that did weren’t powerful enough or were buggy or just too basic.

I gave up and resigned my self to the web for blogging. This was until recently when (I Cant quite remember how it happened) i found about about Bilbo Blogger and Beng. (more…)

September 5, 2009

Get Thunderbird to minimizing to tray instead of closing

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One of the first set of things i do when i install a fresh (k)ubuntu is change the default email client. Both evolution (ubuntu) and kmail (kubuntu) don’t just cut it for me, they always seem bloated and buggy. I am a KISS guy -not that kiss (fine am that kiss too but the kiss i refer here is the Keep It Simple Stupid kind of kiss 😀 ) hence i find thunderbird to be the email client that just suits my needs. It doesn’t try to take over the world or make dinner for me. Its first and foremost an email client and its keeps with the Unix philosophy of do one thing and do it well.

However one thing i have always wish it had was the ability to run in the background so that if i close thunderbird i want it to minimize to the system-tray/notification area and inform me real time when i have a new mail. (more…)

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